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Hobnail Buggy Blanket

This pattern requires the leaflet, "A Stitch A Week" by Leisure Arts, in particular square # 44. Their explanation of the stitch is better than anything I could come up with, it also affords the option of making a practice swatch to aquaint your self with the stitch before beginning the afghan.

Rating: Advanced-Beginner/Intermediate


Materials – whole project

Uses 5 Skeins: 4 MC 1 CC

Hooks N & K

Stitches used

Uses Tr, sc, dc, ch

Let's Begin:

work center : 2 strands, N hook, MC

ch 30, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each across.

Pattern stitch is 2 rows thick, work 6 patterns hobnail stitch, 1 pattern using just sc, 7 patterns Hobnail, 1 pattern just sc, 6 pattern Hobnail.

*****PATTERN: ch 1, turn, (sc in next st, tr in next st) rep across ending with sc.

ch1 turn, sc in each st across.*****

Edging: ch 1, work 3 sc in each corner, sc in each st and end of rows around.

Outside Border: single strand, K hook

Using Boxed shell stitch (#44 from Stitch-a-Week Afghan) a two row pattern

{PATTERN STITCH: Row 1: 2 dc, ch 2, skip two sts, repeat across

Row 2: work 5-dc shell in each ch-2 sp, except corners. work corner shells}

In one corner, join yarn and work beg shell, shell in each corner.

Beg. shell: ch 3,( 2dc, ch 1, 3dc) in same corner

Pattern one in CC*, 3 patterns in MC, 1 pattern in CC.

*for this row only, work corners as follows: dc in last dc of side and 2dc shell in corner, dc in 1st dc of next side.


Copyright 1997, Margaret Hovey

For personal use only, please refer others to this page.

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