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Special Stitches

This page will hold images of most of the special stitches a person needs to finish my patterns. Note, I am not a good drawer so most are scans of actual works.



This strap uses a shell stitch, notice that the shells are worked in the center of each other, working around the gap of the shell below.

Modified Fan Stitch

This adornment on top of the jumper has been modified in that two stitches are used instead of one to complete the stitch.


"Back Seam - 2"

On the Jumper, the Back Bib is attached 2 stitches to the right of the back seam line. Please mark where the chain is joined as this marks the top of the back seam.




Decreases (Dec)

These are very easy actually. Often stated " <insert st> next 2 sts tog", it basically means work the first stitch until it leaves 2 loops on the hook, then do the same for the second st until 3 loops are left on the hook, then YO and draw through all loops on the hook.

Here is a sc dec ..... ..... ..... ...... dc dec ..... ..... ..... ..... hdc dec .... ... .... ... tr dec

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