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Dr. Who Information -- well, more accurately about his scarf.


From - Tue Mar 24 14:02:21 1998

From: Sherrill Heer

Subject: Re: CP:) How I will spend Spring Break

you wrote:


>The colors are suppose to be correct, they seemed right to me -- very

>muted, earthy. This is the scarf from Tom Baker days (at least those

>are the eps. I saw). I know that in one episode, the Dr. mentions that

>the color / band widths are based on a mathmatical equation, and was

>made for him special by a group of women.



Hi there Maggie; this is Chris, Sherrill's husband.


The scarf actually varied over time. The original was around 14 feet, and

was indeed a mix of browns, dark reds, dark greens. If you ever catch some

of Tom Baker's old stories, you can see that he wrapped it once tightly

around his neck and it reached nearly to the ground (he was a tall fellow).

Towards the middle of his tenure it got longer and longer, ultimately

ending up at 24 feet.


For his final season, the colors were changed completely. His whole

costume was made more or less maroon, and the scarf was a mix of maroonns,

subtle violets, etc.


As for the measurements, well, he did remark once that he could measure

quite accurately with the stiches (and, in fact, did so), but the source of

the scarf itself was not very clear.


Hope this helps!



If you have anything else about Dr. Who's scarf you'd like to add drop me a line.

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